Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments Application

Application in Pringing Inks

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments are suitable to be used in almost all of the printing inks. The properties in application is similar to the coatings. The recommended adding quantity is about 8-12%.


Application in paper

The Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments are very suitable to be used in many kind of coated and specialty paper, such as advertisement used paper, name card paper, wall calendar paper, wall paper, and many kind of pearl lustre package paper. The color effects can be achieved from silver white, golden, rainbow, to very special polychrome effects.

It is very easy to use the Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments in the paper making process. First, design the product color, then choose the types from the supply range of Oxen pigments. Then make a lab test to decide the addition ratio to achieve the color effect.

Adding the Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments in the Sizing Process:
In the transparent sizing agent, add 3-5%(weight rate) Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments for the special color effects.

Adding the Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments in the Beating Process:
Adding Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments in the pulp by suitable quantity, then beating the pulp according to the process requirements to achieve designed effect.

Application in leather

The leatheroid becomes more and more important in people's life, along with the development of science and technology, the properties have been greatly improved and the application has been more and more widened 
The pearl luster pigments applied to leatheroid can be directly blent into inks to use for printing and deal with surface, also it can be added to transparent plastic resin to use for rolling and scraping production. 
As the pearl luster pigments depend on the reflected light to show pearl effect, so they request that the resin, paint, and other stuff mixed with them must have good transparency. The lower transparence and strong covering stuff, such as titanium powder etc. can weaken the pearl effect. Make sure to avoid blending them with pearl luster pigment, but under especial conditions, in order to increase the covering of pearl film, a few strong covering stuff is allowed to use. 2-10% Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigment is suitable for surface printing ink, if the system is lower transparent, the quantity of pearl luster pigment can be increased or bigger particle size pearl luster pigments should be chosen.

Application in Coatings

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments are suitable to be used in water-based, solvent based or powder coatings. They can be used in almost all of the natural and synthetic resins, such as nitrocellulose, alkyd, amino, acrylic, polyester, and other resins etc. 

The transparent pigments (dyes) should be chosen for color blending. The quantity needed is in the range of 1-10% (by weight). It can be applied by spraying, dipping, brushing and electrostatic spraying etc. For powder coatings, 2-10% is suitable. Dry blending or spray-drying process is recommended, instead of hot melt process when mixing with plastic powder.

Anyway, the Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments have set up themselves as the main colorants in the field of decorate coatings.

Application in Plastics and Masterbatches

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments are suitable to be used in Plastics and master batches to improve its attractions. In fact, the pigments have been widely used in these fields and the application technology has been quite matured with much experience accumulated.

Oxen pearl luster pigments are semi-transparent colorants, they are suitable for all thermoplastic and a part of thermosetting plastics. The density of using should be decided by the conditions of usage. The pearl effect is very distinct when the quantity is 1-2% (by weight). The pigment consumption will be decided according to the dimension of the products, the transparency of the material, and the particle size of the pigments, etc.

Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments can be used in the transparent or semi-transparent plastics. The excellent pearl effect is obtained for transparent plastics (such as PVC, PS, etc.), and silky pearl effect for semi-transparent plastics (such as PP, PE, etc.) Using transparent pigments for color blend is the best choice. Good result can be obtained by using transparent pigments and the use of titanium dioxide, chrome yellow, iron oxide will reduce the pearl gloss. 0.5-1.5% of the Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments (by weight) is suitable when use in plastics.

In production, the resin particles should be wetted with white spirit or plasticity first, then adding the Oxen Pearl, otherwise the high shearing force will destroy the structure of pigments, and reduce the gloss. In the production of plastic parts, the materials must be made in pearl master batch in advance to keep good dispersion. 

Application in Cosmetics

The Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments is fully nontoxic, it is suitable to be blended in lipstics, eyes-shade, nail oil, powder cakes, hair dyes or dressings, etc. The quantity used depends on the designed color and gloss effect. 

Application of the High Performance Polychrome Series & Black Pearl Series:

  The distinct advantages of Oxen High Performance Series are:
  Excellent color effect;
  Super weather resistance
  Reliable safety on heavy metal content
  High performance in the application of coatings for the following fields: 
  Automotive, furniture, home appliances, machines and equipments, and mobile phones as well.

Application in seed coatings:

  The Oxen Pearl Lustre Pigments are suitable to be used for seed coatings, it will bring your seed the following advantages:
  Attractive appearance,distinguishable, mold resistance, abrasive resistance, etc.

NOTES for application:
Oxen products can't be stirred in high speed blender for a long time.
   Oxen products can't be pressed and grinded at high-pressure.

   Avoid blending Oxen products with other opaque pigments.
  ∠ Oxen rutile series products can't mixing with themselves.
  ⊥ We suggest customers make their test before used to make sure all the details for application.

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